About Us

Quick Introduction

First of all, I want to clarify that this Website JharkhandPortal.in is not belongs to or is managed by any government authority. This website is managed by me and I am a student through this website i just want to spread some knowledge and make life easier.

Why JharkhandPortal.in? What’s so special about this site?

Thank you to see you here on Jharkhand Portal, this is a Hindi Tutorial website where you will get all kinds of Information on Jharkhand government websites, schemes,s, and how-to articles in the Hindi language. Lets more detail of JharkhandPortal.in in detail.

What is special about Jharkhand Portal?

  • JharkhandPortal, all the posts in the Hindi language, So that you can understand it properly.
  • In JharkhandPortal, you will get all information about the government websites, We provide you with a detailed article through that you can know which website is for it.
  • In JharkhandPortal, you guys can also ask us which is for which?
  • In JharkhandPortal, you will get all the related information related to the Jharkhand government website.
  • In JharkhandPortal, you can get information about How to, how to apply, how to register, how to do, all these types of information you will get here.